Darklang Release 3

(Now that the big bad rewrite is done, we've moved Darklang to monthly releases).

Darklang Release 3 contains the changes from June 2022, and has a lot of small wins enabled by the rewrite. It's also the start of us clearing out a lot of the technical debt hidden behind the rewrite. Some highlights:

  • Better error reporting
  • 64-bit integer support
  • Allowed Crypto::sha256_v0, Crypto::sha384_v0, HttpClient::basicAuth_v0 and HttpClient::basicAuth_v1 to run automatically in the editor.
  • added List::all, Int::parse_v0, Date::hour_v1, Date::minute_v1, Date::second_v1
  • Improved many docstrings for errors, functions, and parameters
  • faster program and editor startup
  • removed all Go and Rust, and quite a lot of OCaml, from our codebase.

The detailed release notes are on our Changelog. Sign up or sign in to try it out.