Sponsoring Darklang

Sponsoring Darklang
The Hay Wain by John Constable

We'd love you to sponsor Darklang's development!

Long term, we'd like Darklang to be sustainable from the community. In the future, we expect paid accounts will support our development and maintenance. Until then, you can help build Darklang by sponsoring us via GitHub Sponsors.

We'd love people who rely on Darklang to help us keep the lights on and payroll moving. We'd also appreciate those who are excited about the vision to help us get there.

We made a bunch of different sponsorship tiers, basing them around where SaaS platforms typically price. For example, our "Darklang user" tier is $10/mo and our "Darklang supporter" tier is $20, while we also have "Corporate teams" tiers ranging from $250/mo to $2000/mo with various levels of support including phone support and dedicated consulting. We tried to give extra rewards on each tier - I realize some are a bit banal but I hope you'll bear with us as we figure this stuff out. And of course, there's also a "custom amount" option.

If you're feeling the value of Darklang or excited about what we're doing, we'd love you to support our current and future work. Right now we're working on a big change that we're making great progress on - announcement coming soon.