Try out the new Darklang backend

Original and very badly restored version of Ecce Homo by Elías García Martínez
Original and restoration of Ecce Homo by Elías García Martínez

We're completing our migration to the new backend, which we've previously discussed a few times. Progress is going well, and all requests (including all editor usage) have been served by the new backend for the last few weeks.

Volunteer to switch over

We're looking for volunteers to switch their canvases over to the new backend so we can watch for failures and disruptions. We expect there will be one or two issues (see the changelog), but overall we expect minimal disruption.

If you'd like to volunteer, send an email to with your darklang username and canvas name(s) (or domain name if you're using our custom domains feature). Alternatively, pop by our Slack and comment in #general.

Test out your canvas on the new backend

You can also locally test out your canvases on the new backend:

  • assuming your username is someuser, and your canvas is at
  • add this line to /etc/hosts on your machine:
  • make requests to your canvas. You can validate they hit the new backend by checking the server response header: it should say darklang

If you experience any issues, let us know in Slack.

Thank you! So excited to be nearly done and moving forward with new features!