New version of Tablecloth

New version of Tablecloth
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We've released version 0.0.8 of Tablecloth, an ergonomic, cross-platform standard library to allow you share code between OCaml and Rescript. This version has dozens of new functions, which you can see in the Changelog.

You can install it:

This is the last release of Tablecloth in this format. As Rescript and OCaml have diverged, Tablecloth's old purpose (a library to allow you to share code between ReasonML and OCaml) no longer makes sense (and in fact we had struggled to get much value out of sharing code between the two).

What we actually found valuable about Tablecloth was being able to use the same function names in our multiple codebases.

As such, we've refocused Tablecloth to be a simple shim over existing standard libraries, allowing developers who use multiple languages to have a consistent set of standard library functions, while being idiomatic to language they're in (eg pipe-first vs pipe-last, camelCase vs snake_case). The next release is planned to support OCaml, Rescript, and F#.