Darklang release 5

Darklang release 5
A Darklang REPL showing a tuple with 3 elements

Darklang release 5 contains all the changes from August 2022. This included two major changes:

  • experimental support for Tuples (that is, fixed length lists of elements of different types, for example (1,"string",false)
  • contributor settings page (including toggles for experimental features and features useful when contributing to Dark)

We also made significant progress on a new HttpClient and Http framework. Internally, we made significant refactors to the client, removed a lot of old cruft related to the old backend, and started add form components and styles to the client.

Finally, we made a sort of video-/podcast-y youtube thing discussing this release and what thinking about for the next month. We might do this every month, I'm not sure. Let us know what you think!

The detailed release notes are on our Changelog. Sign up or sign in to try it out.